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The news has been overwhelming about the baby formula shortage. If you have a child under the age of 1 and are dealing with this, like I am, I know how stressful, scary, and frustrating the shortage is. You are not in this alone. MomsRising is here to help share information with you about how … Read more

NC: Come fly kites for change! RSVP now for a kite-flying playdate

What is that up in the sky? Is it a bird? To hover? Nope! It’s a kite! Join MomsRising (and a bunch of kites!) as we fly into action in Raleigh to remind NC lawmakers that when we lift up babies and families, we all can soar! MomsRising is excited to join our partners at … Read more

Quick action: Drug prices cannot keep going up—the time to act is now!

“I am 72 with 3 chronic genetic diseases. My Rx costs are beyond what I can afford and I have postponed getting refills and doing without due to lack of funds. There are millions of us out here. Parents of handicapped children, diabetics, others with chronic illnesses. We need your help. Please work with pharma … Read more

Paid leave is critical to all families

Did you hear the news that Amazon is no longer going to provide paid leave to workers who test positive for Covid-19 and need to miss work? [1] At the beginning of the pandemic, Amazon offered up to two weeks of paid time off for employees who had Covid-19 or needed to quarantine, and now, … Read more

Stop violence by fighting white supremacy

Over the weekend, an 18-year-old white supremacist drove for hours to a neighborhood grocery store in Buffalo, where he shot 13 people, specifically targeting Black people. Ten died. [1] Our hearts ache for the victims and families of the Buffalo shooting and for the city itself. Our hearts break for the Black community, which once … Read more

Formula update: The bottle is starting to look half full.

Due to a historic recall of some forms of baby formula, there is now a nationwide shortage of formula and it’s a very big deal, reaching a crisis point for many families. Here’s what’s going on: In late-February the FDA announced the largest recall of baby formula in recent history after two babies died and … Read more

Top #5 Actions of the Past Week: Friday, May 13, 2022

We started the week energized by the hundreds of powerful stories you shared with us during the first ever MOMibuster! Thank you!! During the MOMibuster more than 98,000 views happened! Thank you also for tuning in! We hope you were able to sit back and be inspired by how each of our care stories add … Read more

Baby formula shortage emergency! | MomsRising

A month and a half ago I took a regular trip to the store to buy formula for my 8 month old son. By the time I got to the third store and saw no baby formula in sight I started to panic. I knew this wasn’t normal and something was wrong. Due to a … Read more

Harm Kids prisons. Close Sununu Youth Prison!

It’s time to END youth incarceration here in NH and instead focus on investments in services and supports that create opportunities for New Hampshire youth. Join me in calling on Gov. Sununu to close the Sununu Youth Services Center for good. What has happened and continues to happen to NH youth is unacceptable and heartbreaking. … Read more

Navigating the formula shortage — April MOMentum’s inside

Friends, it’s finally spring, and MOMentum is blooming all around, thanks to you. In April your gifts helped us host powerful events and actions for Black Maternal Health Week, secure an immigration win, help parents navigate the formula shortage, and keep a steady press for restoring the life-changing expanded Child Tax Credit and building a … Read more