Our New Entry Wall Sconces

Lately, I have been craving less on our walls. It’s part of the reason I added so much trim molding to our bedroom which not only looks great but is interesting enough that we don’t need much else. Or the mural in the study. And the paneling in the family room. Adding interest to the … Read more

How to replace black in your wardrobe

I used to joke that my closet looked like a cat burglar’s lair, 🦹‍♀️ there was so much black in there. Over the last three years, I’ve managed to replace the black with colors that are more flattering to my complexion. If you’re looking to replace or reduce the amount of black in your wardrobe, … Read more

How to dress up casual clothes

Happy Monday, ladies! Welcome to a discussion today of how to dress up casual clothes. Yesterday, I started another talk about using five style adjectives in retirement and today I continue it with how to dress up casual clothes. I there are times in our 60s, 70s, and beyond when we want to take our … Read more


Do your little ones love Bubble Guppies as much as mine? Then you’ll love my new giveaway! THE BUBBLE GUPPIES JOURNEY INTO ALL-NEW UNDERWATER QUESTS! BUBBLE GUPPIES: FIN-TASTIC FAIRY TALES! Join the Bubble Guppies gang and their beloved animal pets as they share fantastical stories in Bubble Guppies: End-tastic Fairy Tales! This DVD features classic … Read more