Best of April – Chris Loves Julia

I think I forgot how green North Carolina can get, but it’s GREEN and spring is in full swing. In addition, I think (hope) we’re coming out of the worst of Pollen season, just in time for my parents and Chris’s parents to come stay with us. Our daughter is getting baptized this weekend and … Read more

Renovating A Bathroom And Wanna Take A Design Risk? These 10 Bathrooms Are Going To Show You How

Welcome to another “Made it into the book but kinda got cut” blog segment – ​​specifically about bathroom “rule breakers”. It’s about those creatives that said “yeah, we know what we are supposed to do when designing a bathroom” and then did whatever the hell they wanted, knocking it out of the park. They are … Read more

Wood Stove Door Gasket Replacement

Traditional open fireplaces undoubtedly look good and create a cozy atmosphere in a cold and snowy evening, but their efficiency is not particularly impressive. That is why many people go for wood stoves — not exactly a high-tech heating solution, but certainly a fairly safe and reliable one. In the end, every time electricity fails, … Read more