How To Add An Addition To Your House Without It Feeling TOO New (+ A Classic Yet Trend Forward Kitchen Island Extension You Need To See)

Things can get tricky when you add an addition to a home. I think Emily can attest to that with the farmhouse. The added space is awesome but you need to make sure that it doesn’t feel too “new build” so that it looks like it still belongs with the original structure. Well, that’s exactly … Read more

Pink Channel Tufted DIY Bench

Have you ever wanted something for your home that felt a little bit crazy, buuut you really wanted it, so you just made it happen anyway? That’s basically how I felt about my pink velvet banquette in our newly renovated kitchen. I knew I wanted some kind of breakfast nook since we had a corner … Read more

Air Conditioning Repair Contractors in Concord – Concord Ohio Ac Repair Companies

Is your AC unit behaving strangely? Does it produce unusual sounds or blow warm air? These units demonstrate subtle and obvious signs of malfunction that warn homeowners of potential air-conditioning problems. Once you recognize any of the warning signs, such as blowing warm air, leaking refrigerant, or producing odd sounds and odors, you need to … Read more