Commercial Sinks: Design Kitchen Smartly With Metal Equipment

In order to successfully opt for the highly functional equipment for commercial operation in your food establishment, it is pivotal to keep in mind your area size and room layout features, which food prep processes will exactly occur, and what appliances need to be placed there along with steel equipment.

If you have pastries in your restaurant or you want to set up a bakery, cooling racks are a critical component.

If there is not enough space, such an option as vertical shelves mounted to the wall will make a difference to the functionality. Obviously, no kitchen will function without stainless steel sinks.

Stainless Steel Sinks: Durability-aesthetics Combination

Strong, smooth, and always clean surfaces are key characteristics of commercial sinks made of steel.

If dirt remains on the surface, all stains can be removed from it just with one touch. The hard, chalky deposit will not accumulate at all, as steel efficiently resists it.

It is unlikely that anyone will argue that when choosing a kitchen sink, most people buy models made of metal, especially for intensive daily use.

Compared to other material alternatives, such a solution creates a lot of advantages, while the range on the market is huge: for every taste, style, and need.

It is sometimes very difficult to navigate in all the diversity and pick the furniture type that fits your kitchen.

To avoid mistakes during selection, be sure to explore the thickness of steel and types of sinks because each individual model meets different needs, for example, it can be a mop, utility, or industrial sink.

And do not forget to study the advantages of steel to be sure that your investment is not in vain:

  • Such steel options are wear-resistant and durable, it is impervious to rust and household chemicals. With proper care, a high-quality commercial sink can easily serve in the kitchen for decades.
  • The metal can withstand strong impacts without serious consequences.
  • Steel sinks don’t need extra upkeep to keep them clean, you can use the most common household products for washing. Its surface is very smooth, so it keeps pests away, significantly increasing the hygiene of the product.
  • A vast range of models: there are various shapes and configurations, so it is easy to choose a suitable product for a commercial interior style.

To choose a kitchen sink manufactured of steel, you should definitely decide on the number and size of its bowls.

Looking for a durable unit for daily use in a harsh commercial environment, you should look for a model with several compartments, so it is more convenient to separate dishes or products during their washing, defrosting, and other activities.

The dimensions of the commercial sinks are also important. And it’s not just about fitting several pans, as lots of utensils are used during preparation. Always pay attention to the depth.

Picking not too deep bowls, the splashes will scatter around in all directions, compromising cleanliness.

But choosing too deep options mean inconvenience, as there will be a need to bend down too much to reach the bottom of the bowl.

You can also invest in extra accessories to facilitate every process in your food establishment.

Check available sinks in the AmGoodSupply catalog and pick first-rate pocket-friendly products.

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