How do you define coastal?

Happy Friday! Today, I want to continue our talk on fashion descriptions and ask HOW DO YOU DEFINE COASTAL?

I believe discussing fashion words going into a new fashion season is helpful….so today we go from chic to coastal…

Or can they be the same woman? Coastal Chic…I like the sound!

In our search for off-the-beaten-path shops in San Antonio, Leigh Ann and I discovered the Texas Beach Boutique.

San Antonio is 3-4 hours away from a beach, so many residents are able to enjoy Texas beaches often.

Let’s begin our discussion by assessing how this shop owner might answer were I to ask, How do you define coastal?


How do you define coastal

Remember the Gidget movies with Moon Doggy….I do not think any of us want to dress each day with that type of vacation style while out and about.

And these days…coastal can be defined as traditional vacation wear or as style we wear daily.

As you will see in point #2, this has little to do with age of the wearer.

How do you define coastal?

how do you define coastal

This little shop is opposite of the new Coastal Grandmother style….I shared that in the post Coastal Grandmother Style: Is It You?

Just based on the styles in this little store…I would say colors and prints are how they define coastal.

How do you define coastal

how do you define coastal

Also, many of the styles are flowy, comfy styles and not fitted to the body.

The long necklaces with tassels elongate the whole look with longer kimonos and wraps.

how do.  you define coastal

how do you define coastal

I would’ve immediately jumped to this type of coastal as something only worn on vacation, but the plaid here threw me off.

I should’ve asked the owner if she transitions to fall and winter clothing or keeps to these types of designs. I regret I did not strike up a conversation.

With a whole wall of palazzo pants, definitely How Do You Define Coastal would be answered with flowy comfort style.

How do you define coastal?

I would be curious to know if this shop is open during fall and winter…the beaches certainly are.

However, it is currently stored with summer wear. Or are there some of you who prefer style such as this all year long…please share how you define coastal.


How do you define coastal


Yet, there is another definition completely opposite of the first and that is the Coastal Grandmother Style.

What is interesting to me is how many young women have embraced it and are promoting it on their social media…women in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

I am just surprised by how they have embraced and are marketing a style with the word grandmother in it.

But, I would much rather see younger women dressed like Diane Keaton than the looks we discussed yesterday in the H&M email.

Coastal Grandmother Style is mostly soft neutrals…still relaxed, but not as colorful or featuring as many prints.

If this is how you define coastal…then you would enjoy the new neutrals at Talbot’s…THE NEW NEUTRALS.

Coastal Grandmother Style is worn all year long without question and not just limited to vacations…many women have embraced it for their complete lifestyle.

how do you define coastal

So, now that you have seen two distinct definitions….please tell us, how do you define coastal and is it something you embrace for your own style?

Do fall into the more colorful or soft neutral camp?

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Enjoy your Friday and I hope to see you tomorrow for Would You Wear it with me and Jennifer! I return on Sunday with a recent sale purchase and how I styled it!

Thanks for being here, ladies….and make sure to…


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How do you define coastal

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