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When the kids go back to school, it’s a vibe, is what I’m saying. The house just feels different. Things are more organized. Our daily routines become more structured. And that initial back-to-school time just feels so wholesome. Do you know what I mean?

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The lockers in our bonus room go through the biggest transformation this time of year, as they get filled with backpacks, books, and school supplies. I have begun slowly transitioning our home and mindset to accommodate the new impending schedule. And I wanted to share a round-up of things I use in my home to help me feel prepared for back-to-school season. All of these picks are things that will help your home feel different, more organized, and ready for a new exciting season.

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1. Desktop Clock $59 Can we please bring clocks back?
2. Planner $22 To help you stay on top of all the things.
3. Acrylic Scissors $22 These are gorg. I am always looking for scissors around the house!
4. Linen Letter Tray $27 Let’s make the clutter at least look pretty.
5. Leather Laptop Case $88 I’ve had this exact one for years and it’s still going strong.
6. Doormat $13 The happiest of welcomes.
7. It’s Cool to be Kind Pennant $26 My girls have this!
8. Writing Desk $895 Obsessed with the legacy on this.
9. Marble Pen Cup $20 To make your pens look like a million bucks.
10. Poppin Pens $10 These are the pens 😉
11. Floral Art $13 Freshen up your frames too!
12. Savon de Marseille Hand Soap $19 One of the 30 hand soaps we tested last year!
13. Acrylic Wall Calendar $84 I love this style!
14. Pencil Pouch $14 You cutie.
15. Framed Pinboard $169 We had three of these in our office in our last home. Such a sleek way to display kids art or inspiration photos.
16. Memo Notepad $14 *Adds to cart*
17. Honeycrisp Oakwood Pura Scent $11 If back to school had a smell, this would be it.
18. Entry Cabinets $3119 The girls’ lockers! We trimmed them out to give them a built-in look and had them painted the same color as the room.
19. Hotelier Hook $20 Would make a perfect backpack hook.
20. Linen Desktop File $44 The chicest file organizer I ever did see.

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