Made In Just Restocked Their Sold-Out 6-Inch Chef’s Knife

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We’re pretty brand proud here at Apartment Therapy. While there are a lot of gadgets and gear that come across our inboxes, there are a few elite brands that wiggle their way into our hearts — and kitchens — for good. Once such brand? Direct-to-consumer cookware powerhouse Made In.

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Needless to say, whenever they launch — or relaunch — a product, we’re guaranteed to be first in the (virtual) line. Case in point? The 6-inch chef’s knife that made waves earlier this year before quickly selling out in one day after a 4,000-piece run. If you haven’t made the foray into Made In’s cutlery yet, you’re seriously missing out. All of their impressive pieces are precision-engineered in France for expert slicing and dicing and superior comfort when in hand. It’s hard to pick a favorite out of their lineup, but our editors love Made In’s Santoku knife, as well as their sushi knife, and steak knives.

I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to splurge on one piece of cutlery, you should make it a really epic chef’s knife — and now Made In boasts not one, but two options. In addition to their traditional chef’s knife, which comes in at 8 inches, they’re re-releasing their previously sold-out smaller version that’s just 6 inches long. This nimble and lightweight model is ideal for making quick work of smaller vegetables and other everyday cooking tasks that an 8-inch chef’s knife might feel too hefty for.

Like all of Made In’s knives, the new 6-inch chef’s knife is forged from a single rod of nitrogen-treated metal, making it nearly indestructible and sure to stay sharp slice after slice. It also comes in three handle hues: red, black, or stunning olive wood. Put it to work chopping up tough butternut squash for soup, or rely on it for those close-to-the-bone cuts necessary when spatchcocking a chicken.

If the initial launch of this knife is any indication, this restock is going to sell out fast, so if you’ve been considering adding a chef’s knife to your arsenal now is the time. Trust us: You don’t want to be left on the chopping block with this one.

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