Living With Peace of Mind

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We lived in small towns most of our marriage. Places where you never really thought about getting a security system because everyone knew everyone.


But as many readers know, in February 2019, we were coming to the end of a cabin renovation, and it tragically caught fire and burned down one night while nobody was there. We had smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, but with the house empty, nobody was there to hear them.

The cabin fire shoot us. We realized that “security” isn’t just about break-ins (although now that we live in a larger metro area, this is more of a concern for us). It’s about knowing what’s happening not only outside your home but inside.

The cause of the fire at the cabin was never determined, but if it was a gas leak, it may have turned out so much differently if we could have been notified immediately.

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Now that we live in a larger metro area, security and monitoring are a much bigger factor for us. No matter where we are, we can check the cameras around our home so long as we have internet connection. Not only that, we can monitor the temperature, door locks, and every door that leads outside, all from our phones. With the pool and having three daughters this kind of peace of mind is absolutely priceless.

With our new Google Nest Doorbell (which integrates directly with our ADT system), we’re notified whenever someone rings the doorbell or drops off a package and leaves it. It can even recognize what a package looks like and will send a notification when a package is at the front door!! (HOW is technology this advanced now?!) It also notifies us when that package is no longer seen and records when it was moved so we can see who picked it up.

The Google Nest Doorbell also has built-in facial recognition and notifies us when someone who has never been to our home before comes to the door.

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And for this post, we’ve partnered with ADT to give all of you a generous offer when you sign up with ADT which includes:

  • Free google doorbell camera
  • Free outdoor camera
  • Free installation

A total savings of $850! Having an ADT security system has given us unbeatable peace of mind. It makes living in a big city feel so much safer and knowing we don’t have to worry about losing another home to an undetected issue is priceless. Want to take advantage of this offer? Just head here and sign up for your free quote. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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