6 Best Alternatives and Similar Games to Destiny 2

Without a doubt, Destiny puts your FPS skills to the test when offering you dozens of fun-filled hours.

We’ve seen a beautiful romance of MMO and FPS gaming aspects, wherein graphics are outstanding, and mechanics are superb.

Furthermore, the game supports only Multiplayer mode, which means there’s no Single-player campaign.

The mythic sci-fi setting may put you in a thrilling world where you control your favorite character from a first-person view when experiencing the RPG aspects.

Two prominent modes have been included, such as PvP (Player versus Player) and PvE (Player versus Environment), and each offers stunning game types.

On behalf of PvE, three different game types are the following: Three-player Strikes, Story-based Missions, and Dungeons.

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Best Similar Games to Destiny 2

Indeed, thousands of players can hardly stay in the same game for not more than a month because of multiple reasons; therefore, they try to find something more interested they have to try.

So, we’ve compiled a list of Best Alternatives and Similar Games to Destiny 2 that may help you find your next favorite title.

1. Division 2

Did you know? Destiny 2 is famous for its Raiding and other prominent features.

Apart from that, you can discover how to unlock glowing armor here.

Similar to Destiny 2, Division 2 comes with a blend of Shooter and Multiplayer, but it includes some other gaming aspects: Action RPG and Tactical Shooting.

Instead of first-person, the game uses a third-person navigation system, allowing up to four players to play as a team and complete story-based missions.

Different assault rifles, submachines, and grenades can be used to drive enemies out of the battlefield.

2. Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant took the third position in our list of Best Games Like Destiny 2 because of featuring the same kind of gameplay and almost similar gaming aspects.

It also supports Single-player mode and borrows elements from massive franchises like Soul Series.

Instead of focusing on melee combat, the game combines the third-person element and allows players to gear up to two weapons simultaneously.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t feature the Raiding system, which is the main element in Destiny 2.

3. Outriders

Outriders have included four different raids after an update, letting the player collect new weapons for all character classes.

The first raid is known as “The Molten Depths,” and you can discover it in a Frozen Cave.

If we say, it is the entry-level raid won’t be wrong. Single-player and Multiplayer game types are found in Outriders, along with a mix of Action and RPG.

Players begin their journey by creating a custom character and selecting one of four classes, each with a unique personality.

4. Tiny Tina

Developed by Gearbox Software, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands feature six playable character classes offering different personalities and skills.

The single-player mode puts you against a series of enemies and challenges your FPS skills when you complete missions.

On the other hand, the multiplayer allows you to team up with three different characters or experience the gameplay with friends using the local split-screen mode.

Instead of fictional, the game prefers the fantasy-themed world that can be explored following the tabletop mechanics found in RPG games.


The additional Survival-Horror aspects bring GTFO a bit far away from Destiny 2 similar category; however, it doesn’t mean both titles offer different gameplay.

Yes, they are different, but many gaming elements are the same; we featured GTFO in our list of Best Alternatives to Destiny 2.

Like other titles in this list, you will discover only Multiplayer game types.

Play the game with a team of four players who are brought to a massive world set in a vast underground complex.

The ultimate objective forces players to complete objectives offered by Warden.

6. PlanetSide 2

The best First-person Shooter and Multiplayer game, PlanetSide 2, offers you thrilling gameplay to experience.

It supports excellent battles with hundreds of players on a single map. It incorporates the mechanics of modern FPS games and features six-character classes.

Several mechs are available to drive, whether in the air or on the ground. Besides, modern weapons won’t let you give up.

The prominent classes are Light Assault, Combat Medic, Heavy Assault, Max, and more.

A well-written storyline is set in the year 2444, where an unknown wormhole appears over the Earth, and people have reported several transmissions and the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Here are the best games that offer similar gameplay to Destiny 2. You can choose your favorite one to start a new journey.

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