Modkat Flip Litter Box Review

When I first got my two cats, Millie and Lola, last year, the first thing I did was buy about 32 toys they went on to ignore steadfastly. Then, I looked up aesthetically-pleasing kitty litter boxes. I live in a relatively small one-bedroom apartment, so I don’t have the luxury of a mudroom, laundry room, or extra utility closet where I can hide their box. So it had to be somewhat stylish to blend seamlessly with the rest of the room in which I placed it.

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I decided to put it in my entryway since I don’t often have guests over, and I use the back door to go in and out of my apartment. The entry is the most under-utilized area of ​​my home, so it was the perfect place to tuck away the box. At first, I bought a regular kitty litter box as a placeholder. I not only wanted to take my time looking up reviews, but I also wanted to see how my new cats used it to research any specific features they may need.

For example, some cats like top entry boxes, while others prefer easier access and will only use open litter boxes. Some need high sides and others require extra-large containers if they’re sharing. And it’s good I took the time to observe their habits because Millie has a habit of kicking sand around like she’s on a beach vacation. Having a simple open container with low walls meant I had to vacuum the entryway daily, or else a fine layer of litter would cover the floor near my shoe cabinet.

But here’s the thing: While there are plenty of high-sided litter boxes on the market, I didn’t love the idea of ​​an open litter. Seeing their toilet every time I walked through the living room wasn’t really the vibe I was after, and while at first I thought of DIYing a litter cabinet to hide the box inside, I ultimately didn’t have enough space for such a big piece of furniture. This is why I eventually landed on a flip-top litter box from Modkat.

Millie — or Mill Bill as we call her — hates top-entry litter boxes, so this was the best compromise. The Modkat Flip Litter Box is roomy and has high walls, which means she can kick litter to her heart’s content without any coming out onto the floor. Its clean, simple design helps it blend in with the rest of the room, and its three-position lid makes the box very easy to clean. You just have to flip it back to open the box. (The other positions allow you to create a top-entry box if that’s what your cat prefers.) It also has a hook to hang the scoop, keeping things organized.

It took me months of research and fervent Pinterest-searching to find a box that was not only aesthetically pleasing but durable and able to handle Mill Bill’s messy clothes. So far we’re all happy, and my vacuum has finally caught the break it was looking for.

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