Our Backyard Plant Landscaping Plans

As part of our backyard landscaping budget, $25k was to be allocated towards all the plants and greenery. Coming from someone who has no idea the going price for plants and trees, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around spending twenty five thousand for that. And I’m aware that since this isn’t my area of ​​expertise I might just need to surrender to the expert (who we have full confidence in, by the way). Well, we got the plant plan and it’s everything we wanted–overflowing with trees and shrubs and plants to bring back that garden retreat we loved so much in our courtyard. The downside? The plant plans they gave us are actually $50k over the $25k allotted allowance. (why do they do that?!)

Plant Landscape Plan

Although we love love the plan, we love sticking to our budget more and so we’re literally trimming down on plants and going for younger ones that will mature over the years instead of 12′ trees. For example, we don’t need all of those green giants going around the whole perimeter of the backyard! Looks like there’s about 50 of them and I think we only need about half. We’re focusing on softening the hardscaping with trees and greenery, planting boxwoods in front of the back retaining wall and the rest is going to be pretty simple. It’s also worth mentioning that these plans were drawn up before we added the outdoor shower, so there’s a whole area of ​​plants that has become irrelevant.

We’re still in the process of pairing things down but here’s how we’re going about it. Although I don’t necessarily know a lot about plants, I can look at something and know what I like and what I don’t like. Do I know the names of things?–no. Taking a trip to a local nursery and snapping photos of the names of things helps! This is what I did to inspire me and I sent photos of what I do like to the landscape designer–nothing that’s tropical, nothing yellow, nothing with thorns, and nothing too in your flowery face. I personally find it incredibly helpful having a local landscape designer who knows what will do well here in our yard to help plan all of this out.

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I’m fully relying on our landscape designer to know exactly where things are going to grow the best, how much light they will need, and watering needs! That being said, here’s a list of all the plants, shrubs and trees she suggested to use in our backyard. Can’t wait to see everything literally come to life!

A tentative list of the plants we plan to include in our backyard:

  • Green Giant
  • Tea-Olive
  • Baby Gem Boxwoods
  • Limelight Hydrangeas
  • Treeform Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea
  • Bloodfood Japanese Maple
  • Tamukeyama Japanese Maple
  • Flame Thrower Eastern Redbud
  • October Magic Carpet Camellia
  • Christmas Carol Camellia
  • Steeds Japanese Holly
  • West Coast English Laurel
  • Phenomenal Lavender
  • Cypress

I’m a little unsure about some of them (feels like a lot of pink flowers for my taste), but they want to plant NEXT WEEK, so I’m trying to edit in a few things before dig day!

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