B&A: Pro Organizer Revamps Her Garage into a Clutter-Free Zone in 2 Hours

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Garages can often be a forgotten space to tidy up, becoming the dumping ground for almost anything that doesn’t already have a home in your, well, home. But, with the right amount of organizational tools and storage solutions, you can be on your way to a neater space in no time.

Emily Aull (@aullorganized) a professional organizer and the owner of Aull Organized, had a kick of inspiration to organize her own garage when she grew tired of pulling in and seeing a mess every single day.

“The before wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t very functional (or pretty),” says Emily. “I wanted a place for the regularly-used tools and items we used. I was tired of digging for tiny screwdrivers, special hooks, and ‘that one’ hammer. I also wanted to add labels to ensure items got put back where they belonged.”

Emily removed all the clutter and cleared off the board to make way for the new accessories. She added in the hooks, baskets, and bins; hung up tools; and put everything in its place. She grouped like-items together and placed rarely used ones up high.

Her favorite purchase was the turquoise cups because they add a “nice punch of color and visual interest.”

“Every cup contains extra hooks and nails that we regularly use in our home,” adds Emily. “They’re the exact color of our walls so I wanted to be sure they didn’t get mixed up with the others!”

While the easiest thing to do was add labels, Emily shares that the hardest part was figuring out the proper spacing for each item. It was like piecing together a puzzle. “I wanted the pegboard to be functional and make sense, but also be visually balanced,” she says.

But the best—and most surprising—part of the whole project? It took only two hours to complete! This simple project (which could easily be done over the weekend) has led to the most satisfying end result.

“I’m a professional organizer — I love spaces to be functional, sustainable, and beautiful. I love making ‘ordinary’ spaces in a home feel special. When our homes are organized and visually calming we get a little bit of zen, too. Now pulling into the garage every day is a treat and not a headache,” she says.

This mini project has also inspired her to tackle the rest of the garage, but for now, she’s pleased with her organized pegboard.

If you’re thinking of tackling a certain area of ​​your home that needs a bit of a refresh, Emily recommends starting small. “Purchase some new accessories you love to get you excited about starting — and completing the project,” she adds.

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