Evolution of the Dining Room

If you subscribe to our Love Letter then last week you saw the newest update to the dining room that includes a one-of-a-kind Loloi vintage rug. When I originally unrolled that rug I knew it needed to go somewhere special and that the right place would eventually come to my mind.

Pretty quickly I started to feel a pull in my heart to put the rug in our dining room but I also felt it could be a bad idea with kids. This room has taken many twists and turns since we moved in, from considering vintage wallpaper to selling our rectangle dining table and resurrecting the trusted and true round table from our Modern Cottage breakfast nook.

So many things have changed in this room to the point where I had to accept that no decision is necessarily set in stone. And really, we are all allowed to change our minds when something even better stumbles into place.

To get started, let’s take a look at the most recent change which includes the new dining room rug.

Dining Table | Tree Art (digital download) | During | Vase | fake stem

My heart has never loved this room more and the rug looks like it was made for the dining room. And I am not even worried about the kids spilling on it either! Honestly, a vintage pattern rug is ideal for under a table because it will camouflage any little spills.

Now let’s rewind it even further back to what I call the before before photo. And wow, it is hard to remember how different this space used to look.

After seeing the dining room today and the beforebefore photo, I can’t help but go back in time and revisit all the versions of the dining room.

Dining Table | Dining chairs | End Chairs | tapestry

Do you remember this dining room table? The first big thing I did in here was curate this dining room set. However, from the beginning I didn’t love those dining room chairs and they ended up being a nice place holder so we had a place to sit after the move.

Then I realized the rectangular shape of that modern dining table wasn’t working well in here, not to mention the wood tone was too similar to the flooring. So we swapped our round pedestal dining table back in. The round dining room table fits the space so much better, and it comfortably seats our whole family and some.

At one point I thought this space needed wallpaper. I even looked at several wallpaper samples and “tried on” this canvas wallpaper that I loved. But when it came down to it, I wanted this to be a cleansing space visually and I just could not commit to all the busyness in here.

Then I finally found the perfect chairs for the dining room. These vintage, traditional dining chairs pair really well with the modern dining table. The room stayed like this for awhile as I let the space breathe and gave it a chance to tell me what it wants. A vintage rug, it said. And I obliged.

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If you let your home tell you what it wants and accept that it is okay to change your mind, then you can allow things to fall into place even better than you originally planned. If it’s not coming together, don’t rush it. The inspiration will come when the time is right.

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