How an Artist Can Grow an Instagram Account

Every year, social media is increasingly changing the way people communicate. But finding your place is a seemingly impossible mission.

We have selected for you some tips on how to promote yourself as an artist on Instagram and how to get inspired to create a unique self-promotion strategy so as not only to buy instagram followers.

Find your social network where you will advertise yourself. Everyone knows that there are a lot of platforms today.

There is an erroneous opinion that it is very important to have your own profile on literally every social network as if this will guarantee your success. It’s not like that at all!

Collecting your profiles in dozens of endless social networks, you only waste your energy on each of them, and really do not advance in any.

Give your preference to only a few social networks and work actively only with them.

Learn more about the ones you like the most and consider a potential development strategy that is specific to this particular social network.

We encourage you to grow on Instagram because it is the most popular and versatile platform in the world.

Share Pictures

Pictures are the most popular content on social media. So why are you still posting only links?

Today, people are so lazy that the very last thing they want to do when scrolling through their Instagram feed is look up their account bio, click on some link, and go to a new tab.

So upload your work directly to social networks. In this form, people will be more willing to share your work.

The link can always be attached in the bio of the profile (unfortunately, on Instagram, you cannot do this in the post itself).

As for the bad resolution, we do not deny that not all social networks are suitable for uploading your artwork to them.

For example, Instagram and Facebook compress image quality. You can adjust the size of the image to somehow save the day.

Check out the image sizes for each social network you use and keep these sizes and limitations in mind when uploading another work to the site.

Turn Off Your Inner Merchant

Every day we are surrounded by such a huge amount of advertising everywhere that people instinctively have already learned to recognize potential advertising posts and not pay attention to them. Don’t let your followers take you for a merchant.

Post your thoughts, sketches, and sketches, so that all this is not of an advertising nature and does not look like you are here only for profit.

We are not talking about the fact that you completely stop selling your creativity and receive some kind of benefit.

The point is to treat your fans like regular people, not like money. You need to try harder to increase the loyalty of your own brand among your audience.

Take a Cue From Other Celebrities

Note that all people with more than 100 thousand subscribers have profiles similar in at least one thing: they have updates every day, from 1 to 10 publications.

We are not asking you to post only selfies. Instead, you can post interesting posts that demonstrate the process of working on your next project.

This idea is not bad at all: every few hours you can post updates on how your masterpiece is being created.

Also, small videos about the process will not be superfluous.

In addition, a great idea for posts is to sometimes upload your old works. Not every one of your subscribers has seen absolutely all of your work.

Therefore, you can gracefully and unobtrusively remind them.

And another thing to learn from popular creators is the quality of their posts.

High-quality, bright, interesting, with an impeccable composition — you want to look at them again and again and, of course, you want to like them! But the main thing is that high-quality posts give out the professionalism of the profile itself and its owner.

Do not be lazy and either invest in a good camera or learn photoshop to improve the quality of your photos many times over.

Speak Your Mind

One of the best ways to interact with your followers is to voice your opinion, not only on art topics, but even on political topics, or whatever.

Do not be afraid to indicate your position, your opinion, do not be afraid to speak out loud.

Let your creativity become a kind of dialog with subscribers, become the thing that inspires people. Don’t be afraid to take risks!

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