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We sure do love when magazines support homegrown talent. Thankfully, vogue Australia frequently does just that. Throughout her tenure as editor, Edwina McCann has made Sarah Snook, Adut Akech, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, Elle Macpherson and Kylie Minogue cover stars. The publication also commissioned indigenous artist Betty Muffler to create cover art back in 2020. May 2022 is the magazine’s Australian fashion issue and it marks the occasion by welcoming Magnolia Maymuru, Charlee Fraser, Elaine George and Cindy Rostron with the four indigenous women posing for photographer Jesse James.


The outcome divided our forums, however. “None of the women were made to look their best here, it’s quite a shame. Very glum and dark for a May issue despite the beach setting,” commented aracic.

“The cast is great and the intention was very good…” confessed elle_gb.

Bertrando3 agreed: “I would have loved to see them smile. I like the composition, but the styling is very glum though, especially with the beach setting and the sun. They could have done much better.”

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“HEADLINE: Four random women found at the beach were asked to be on the cover of vogue Australia. Nope,” disapproved WAVES.

“Great for Australian vogue for including indigenous women, but like always, it feels halfway done,” proclaimed fer19dog.

Phuel was also underwhelmed. “There’s no joy. No life. Anyone could have styled, directed and shot such mundane imagery.”

But not everyone shared the same sentiment. “Always wonderful to see homegrown talent on the cover of vogue and this is no exception. I find the cover image itself quite lovely, love the beach setting and how each outfit helps make the image feel coherent and well executed. How amazing to see Elaine George back on the cover!” raved vogue28.

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