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Wow…just like that it is Wednesday! May the 4th be with you! (Star Wars!) Welcome to my regular weekly news segment called Today’s News for Women Over 50!

In an effort to keep you informed, I curate news from around the information web which may be helpful and of interest to you.

I put these articles into one post…just to make it easy…think of it as your own weekly newsmagazine!

There are some fun reads here today…I kind of want to begin to eat like the Queen (yes, that Queen)…so let’s get started…..


Today's News

InStyle Magazine: If the coastal grandma isn’t for you, how about its alternative fancy grandma

House of Coco: Old school is cool: fashion trends that might interest you

yahoo! News: Stylist shared confidence, fashion tips

Retail Dive: JC Penney is reinventing itself again


Today's News

The US Sun: I’m a gardening expert – the 7 plants that will get rid of dust

Pure Wow: 4 Millennial parenting trends that make Boomers roll their eyes

Apartment Therapy: 20 creative furniture makeover ideas to help you turn basic pieces into masterpieces


Today's News

Eat This, Not That! : The foods Queen Elizabeth eats every day to live to 96 years old

Insider: A longevity expert says you can extend your life span if you eat more carbs and less protein and fast every 3 months

BuzzFeed: People are sharing the seemingly small habits that have massively improved their home cooking

Tasting table: How to get that deli taste for your tuna salad


Today's News

Inc.: How emotionally intelligent people use the 24-hour rule to maximize success and overcome failure

Sci Tech Daily: A combination of three simple treatments may reduce the risk of invasive cancer by 61%

Eat This, Not That! : 5 bad fitness clothes you need to ditch after 50, trainer says

mbghealth: Importance of Piperine?

BigThink: Your personality is linked to risk of dementia and cognitive decline


Today's News

The Discoverer: 8 Impossibly Cool Modern Art Museums

Travel Awaits: 5 amazing day trips from Florence, Italy

Those are the headlines for today! Please comment on any of these articles you like!

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Thank you for being here for Today’s News….now make sure you go through the day with joy and always……


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