Tips to Pick the Perfect Copper Lantern for Your Entryway

When it comes to home decor, aesthetics are all that matter.

Visually pleasing elements such as copper lanterns are welcome in homes that want a subtle yet impressive look.

copper lanterns have a charm of their ownand they can instantly elevate the glam quotient in the entryway of your home.

If you’ve decided to add an outdoor copper lantern to your porch, it’s essential you pick the perfect one that goes well with the overall look of your porch.

Let’s have a look at some tips for selecting an elegant copper lantern for your entryway.

Pick the Perfect Lantern Style

With so many lantern designs available out there, it can get a bit difficult to pick a great lantern for your home.

The best way is to look for the architectural style of your home – whether it’s modern or traditional, chic or bold, you need to pick a lantern that matches the overall style of your home.

It can be simple, or it can be glamorous – the choice is totally up to you!

Choose the Right Size

You don’t really want your porch light to be too big or too small – it has to be a perfect size and should blend in effortlessly with your entryway.

It may seem that brightness is of utmost importance when it comes to outdoor lights, but the size is also an essential factor you need to consider.

Select the Technologically Advanced Lanterns

Thanks to technology, you now have outdoor lanterns that work in conjunction with the security cameras you’ve placed right outside your home.

You can operate these lights at the tip of your fingers with the help of a smartphone.

As a result, it would be a lot easier for you to monitor the visitors and activity around your home.

Research for Eco-friendly Models

If you’re conscious about the environment and wish to contribute in your own little ways, you can always start with your home!

For example, investing in LED or solar-powered copper lanterns for your porch is a great idea, as they use less energy and last longer.

Look for Something Unique

We love to deck up our homes with unique pieces, and the same goes with copper lanterns.

There are many designs available out there, and once you zero in on the type of lanterns you want, all you have to do is scan through to find the most striking lantern among the lot.

You can choose from wall mounts, flush mounts, or even hanging style lanterns for your porch.

Apart from the mounts, you also have a variety of embellishments to choose from – different metals, glass, and at times, even wood.

Do look for different types of lanterns before you find the best one for your entryway.

Choose Good Quality Copper Lanterns

Copper lanterns are available in different price ranges.

The cheaper ones are made of reasonable quality material, whereas the expensive ones are usually made of tough, durable materials. It’s advisable to pick a durable copper light, as this light will be outdoors most of the time.

Therefore, the lantern and fixtures need to be tough enough so that the copper lantern can sustain external elements (strong winds, rain, or even snow, for example) well enough.

Look for Certifications and Ratings

As you’re looking for quality copper lanterns, do look at whether the lights are weatherproof as well.

Usually, weatherproof lights are damp rated, which means they are ideal for covered outdoor locations with no exposure to direct rain, water or snow.

These lights can handle moisture and damp areas. On the other hand, wet-rated lights can handle ice, snow, and intense rain and easily be placed in exposed areas.

Summing Up

We hope these tips help you pick the perfect outdoor copper lanterns for your porch or entryway.

Just like people, first impressions matter even when they come to homes.

Your porch lights can make a whole world of difference to your home’s overall look, so make sure you pick the best of the lot!

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