Life is short….celebrate with color!

Happy Monday! It is time to move on, ladies…and realize…Life is short…so let’s celebrate with color!

I hope all of you had a blessed Mother’s Day and are ready to get on a fast track toward summer!


celebrate with color

With constant reminders as to how short life really is, it is now a perfect time to celebrate with color!

I can’t get enough of my favorite autumn palette right now or of listening to birds or smelling flowers…we must be purposeful to love each day as the gift it is.

Also, life is too short to allow your challenges to hold you back…choose to smile and look your best daily…we are each a fabulous masterpiece! Celebrate it!

Over the past 11 years, that desire to help you has not changed. I have never wanted to have clones of me, but to have you be your unique best!

And, to help you be HAPPY WITH YOU!

I AM HAPPY WITH WHO I AM…and trust is powerful…do not forget that.


celebrate with color

Spring and summer are the best times to enjoy bright beautiful colors!

Celebrate each day in your best colors….know what you look best in and don’t waste a day wearing other colors that are not your best…life is too short!

When someone tells me to wear a garment out of my color palette and says YOU WILL LOOK FINE…I always think…Why would I want to look fine??

When I can look fabulous!! My youthful, healthy best.

celebrate with color

Today, I am celebrating color in my green Linen Blazer from Banana Republic; orange Universal Threads tee shirt (these are great!); and Talbot’s jeggings.

The accessories are UGG slip on sneakers at Dillard’s; ECHO scarf from Dillard’s; and brooch from Anthropology. Purse is a Marshall’s find.


celebrate with color

No shrinking back…I will celebrate with color my life every day!

My style adjectives and best colors are two of my best assistants to keep that smile bright.

Here are more beautiful colors currently on the market:

What is your favorite way to celebrate with color this time of year? Please share and make sure that you…….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Life is short celebrate with color

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