Beware: Crime can happen to you…it did to me

Well, I praise God today for His protection. This is not the post I intended for this day, but I want to remind you to BEWARE…crime can happen to you…it did to me.

Yesterday morning, just after 7AM, I left the house to walk our dog.

Down our street I noticed a man, but did not think anything of it. For the most part, I have always felt safe in our area of ​​town.

But, when you watch the news and they say crime is rising…take heed…it can happen to you.

When I circled back toward home with our dog, I saw the man again across the street in our neighbor’s yard. I asked nicely if he needed help.

He said no.

Then as I entered my home, this happened…..

The picture above are his muddy feet on the floor of my house after he charged in after me.

This man had also attempted to kick down a door in a close by neighborhood before he charged at me.

I am thankful for so many things…that Mr. B was home…that our wonderful San Antonio Police were immediately on it and have such a caring attitude.

But, ladies…if this happens in my neighborhood…it can happen to anyone…so be alert and do what you need to do to take care of yourself.

Crime is on the rise…it is real and we need to heed the warnings.

Do not assume it cannot happen to you….I never thought this…a daytime home invasion….would happen to me.

I am fine…still a little rattled. But will choose to always…..


UPDATE! I want to let you know how important RING and NEXTDOOR were in the capture of this man this morning (Friday 5/6)….because I put my RING video on Nextdoor, a resident who was on a morning walk in a park near us , saw the man and quickly contacted the police…he was captured. I have been so impressed with SAPD!!

By Pamela Lutrell

I will be here tomorrow with Jennifer for Would You Wear It….and keep on keeping on!

UPDATE: I was contacted and appeared on a local newscast last night:

KENS 5 and 10

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