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Is your AC unit behaving strangely? Does it produce unusual sounds or blow warm air?

These units demonstrate subtle and obvious signs of malfunction that warn homeowners of potential air-conditioning problems.

Once you recognize any of the warning signs, such as blowing warm air, leaking refrigerant, or producing odd sounds and odors, you need to contact an air-conditioning repair contractor.

These experts are trained in fast issue diagnosis.

Pay close attention to the following warning signs of AC malfunction.

It’s Blowing Warm Air

An obvious telltale that your air conditioner requires repair is when the unit blows warm instead of cool air.

The first thing to check is the thermostat to ensure it is set to cooling mode.

If warm air keeps coming out of the vents, there might be an issue with the compressor. Another potential cause is for the airflow to be restricted.

Concord residents are advised against waiting for the issue to get resolved on its own.

On the contrary, delaying the process of repair might lead to even worse consequences.

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Don’t hesitate to contact an air-conditioning repair contractor to identify the source of the issue and take the best action.


Another unmistakable sign that your air conditioner requires repair is the development of a leak.

Two types of leaks can be witnessed by Concord homeowners, water and Freon.

Your AC unit relies on Freon (refrigerant) to cool your home, and it’s likely to produce condensation during the operation process.

Anyhow, neither the refrigerant nor water should accumulate or cause a leak.

While water leaks are considered less serious, they are still capable of causing serious structural problems.

In contrast, refrigerant leaks are thought to be more dangerous because of the poisonous nature of Freon.

Many homeowners aren’t exactly aware of the hazard imposed by refrigerant exposure.

When experiencing a refrigerant leak, don’t wait too long to call AC repairmen who are trained in handling refrigerant.

Professional assistance is also welcome when dealing with a water leak.

AC experts are quick when searching for the source of water leaks, which has to be identified in order for such damage not to occur any time soon.

Loud Noises

Another telltale sign that indicates your air conditioner needs repair is the production of loud noises.

While ACs aren’t entirely silent, they are manufactured to produce little or no noise at all.

Anyhow, these units might start to produce a range of different loud noises, such as banging, screeching, humming, buzzing, clicking, hissing, rattling, bubbling, etc. Each sound indicates an issue that requires repair.

For instance, if your AC produces a banging sound, it’s an indicator of a compressor issue.

When parts become loose inside the compressor, it’s not uncommon for this component to produce a banging noise.

Conversely, a screeching sound is usually produced by the malfunction of the fan motor located in the outdoor condenser unit. Such a noise might also be induced by blower fan motor damage.

Humming sounds are usually caused by a malfunctioning contactor relay switch, whose purpose is to start the condenser unit outdoors after receiving a signal from the thermostat.

In contrast, rattling sounds might be triggered by different causes. Such noises are produced either by the leaves and dirt stuck in the outdoor unit or by a defective electrical contractor.

In Conclusion

Don’t take your unit for granted.

Listen to the sounds it makes!

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