11 Best New Sunless Tanners, According to Makeup Artists

Anyone else patiently waiting for the day that you wake up and truly love your pale skin? I keep telling myself that if low-rise jeans can come back in style, anything is possible. Until then, sunless tanners will continue to be my loyal friends. With summer quickly approaching and poolside parties and beach getaways calling my name, I set out to find this year’s best new sunless tanners on the market… with a little help from some of my favorite makeup artists.

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I reached out to Terri Bryant, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder of GUIDE BEAUTY, Ashley McNabb, Head Makeup Artist at Ashley McNabb Artistry, and Kelli Anne Sewell, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Content Creator at @makeupxka for their expert recommendations. And of course, I had to throw a few of my personal faves into the mix.

Finding the perfect sunless tanning product is definitely a personal journey. Everyone will have different reactions to products, contrasting opinions on scents, and even inconsistent results. Conclusion? Don’t be afraid to experiment! Your new go-to might be the first, fifth, or tenth product you try, but we’ve narrowed things down and shortlisted the 11 best new sunless tanners to get you started. Whichever you choose, know that you’re well on your way to your best-ever summer skin.

How to Apply Sunless Tanners

Ashley McNabb takes us through her top tips to achieve sun-kissed and streak-free skin.

  1. Proper prep is key. Make sure your skin is clean and well-exfoliated before applying any product.
  2. Start small. It’s always smart to test the product on a small part of skin before your whole body to make sure you like the color.
  3. Work your way around. Whether applying with your hands or a glove, do it in small sections. Blend in circular motions and pay extra attention to the ankles, toes, knees, and elbows, as these areas can be tricky to blend.

Looking for a more in-depth deep dive? Get our full list of tips and tricks for applying the best new sunless tanners here.

The Best New Sunless Tanners for a Summer Glow

Which of the best new sunless tanners will you try first?

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